Alberobello, Italy

A sweet little town located southwest of Bari, a city in Southern Italy and large cruise port, Alberobello is home to its famous trulli, or special white stone huts with grey, cone-shaped roofs. Some trulli have special symbols that can convey religion, history, values, and the like; the uniquely-topped huts earned a nickname “mushroom town” within my family!

The UNESCO World Heritage site remains well-maintained, and visitors could spend a good day exploring. My family traveled to Alberobello as a cruise excursion; the coach ride was almost two hours from the cruise terminal. A guide gave us a walking tour around the town, leading us through various alleys of trulli.

There is a little chapel toward the top of a hill. Many may gather in the chapel, but it is rather small. Still, services are regularly held.

We had about an hour of free time, which we used to enjoy some delicious gelato (the heat was unbearable) and buy a few souvenirs. Although the town itself is very unique, I would not recommend spending more than a day or two in Alberobello, because there simply is not too much to do–it’s experiencing the trulli that is most memorable!


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