Zaanse Schans (windmills!!)

We spent half a day in Zaanse Schans, the most iconic town in the Netherlands…there were windmills everywhere! 

There are tours that stop at Zaanse Schans as well as other towns, but we decided to take the bus, as we had already participated in a couple day tours. The bus fare was about €10 per person (round trip) and it took a little over an hour to get there from Amsterdam. 

A couple minute’s walk led us to the entrance of the town:

Before seeing the windmills, there were traditional Dutch workshops that made clogs (wooden shoes), pottery, and the like as well as souvenir shops!

Finally, we reached the view:

After taking a million pictures with the windmills, we went into one to see what’s inside:

This particular windmill ground the powder used for paint!
Up on the windmill, the views were stunning, complete with a lake.

There are 12 windmills in total, and each produces its own product. Some grind chocolate, others grind wheat, etc. It’s interesting because you can actually smell what’s being ground in each just a few yards away. 

A long pathway along the lake joins the windmills, so following it can lead you to all 12.

You can learn a lot of history from a short visit and experience traditional Dutch culture. Zaanse Schans was a unique little town, but I have to admit it was a bit touristy. That shouldn’t, of course, stop anyone from going, because I believe seeing Dutch windmills is a must for any trip to the Netherlands!


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