Arriving Iceland & the Blue Lagoon!

At about 2:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon, my family and I landed at Reykjavik International Airport in Iceland. We retrieved our baggage and headed for the bus that would take us straight to the Blue Lagoon, one of the world’s most famous geothermal pools, only a short 20 minutes away.

The Reykjavik Excursions bus takes travelers from the airport directly to the Blue Lagoon, then directly to Reykjavik every hour. Unfortunately, the bus arrives at 1:30 and 3:30 but not 2:30, so we enjoyed some Dunkin’ Donuts while awaiting our bus, taking advantage of the always–available wi-fi.

The ride was smooth and beautiful, as we passed by a pretty view:

The ground was covered in a thick green moss, which, supposedly, if stepped on or ruined, would take almost 100 years to grow back!

Soon, a new view greeted us:

We reached the Blue Lagoon!

There are four different packages one can purchase for their experience at the Blue Lagoon. My family chose the 2nd-level Comfort package, which included entrance to the Blue Lagoon, towels, a free drink, and a silica and an algae mask. A bit more pricey packages include a robe, which we found would have been uncessecary, and a couple other amenities. I think the package we chose was just enough for the four of us, and we did not need anything further.

The experience, of course, was tremendous. Upon arrival, we checked in with our pre-purchased tickets and were shown to the locker rooms, one for men and one for women. Each person also received a wristband, which had to be worn throughout the stay. It provided access to a locker and would be scanned if anything additional was purchased, like an extra drink or slippers. We were required to shower before entering the lagoon (for cleanliness sake, which I very much appreciated), and provided with shower gel and conditioner for the hair. After we changed into our bathing suits and tied our hair into buns, we were ready, leaving everything but ourselves and our water-proof camera in the lockers.

We were ready to enjoy the coveted Blue Lagoon experience!

We spent about three hours bathing in the lagoon, time which included taking stunning pictures, sipping cold drinks, and plastering our faces with silica, algae, and lava mud face masks! There was also a cave to relax in, which provided a small information session about the lagoon itself.

Finally, after we explored every inch of the vast, 100°F lagoon, we stepped out into the 50°F Icelandic air and showered once again, returning to our dry clothes. It was truly a heavenly experience, one I would definitely recommend!

There is also a store that sells skin products such as the masks used in the lagoon, all a bit pricey, and none of which could not be found online. (We even saw a Blue Lagoon product store in Reykjavik city itself!). I do admit my skin felt softer after all the masks I slobbered on my face, neck, and arms, although I did not end up spending almost $100 for a face mask.

We ended our visit to the Blue Lagoon snacking at the café, getting our first taste of Iceland’s high prices (a small Smoked-Salmon sandwich cost 1250 Kr, or about 12.50 USD!!)

Regardless, the Blue Lagoon is a definite must when in Iceland, even if one is only there for a short layover; after all, it is only 20 minutes from the airport.


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