The Met!!

After landing at JFK on an early Friday morning, I spent the rest of the day at New York City’s world-famous Metropolitain Museum of Art!

We started from the Greek/Roman statues downstairs, exploring ancient depictions of the gods, some of which were replicas while some of them originals from thousands of years ago, and I was also able to learn a lot of history while admiring the art. It is crazy that all this art was preserved throughout the ages; there were even original Egyptian mummies! 

The Met owns art from basically every time period and region in the world, and it was wonderful to see the contrasts in native, Asian, and European art.

A lot of the art made me smile, such as this small figure, shown laughing. 

Although the room may seem empty here, the museum was quite packed, especially around the more popular works of Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. I, however, love to photograph empty, serene museum space because it is so beautiful. It was rare to find an empty hall at the Met, since it was such a popular place to be!

Outside the museum was quite a social place, as people buzzed about—eating snacks, walking around, texting their friends, taking pictures, or simply enjoying the city breeze!


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