What about carry-ons??

In addition to checked baggage, each person is allowed to carry one small suitcase and a personal bag with them onto the airplane. This small suitcase may be all one needs for a short trip, but may also be used wisely for storing additional belongings. Here are a few of my essentials, other than my phone, of course, that belong in my personal bag:

Books/magazines: there is no wifi on the plane, and plane rides are usually a few hours long, so it is the perfect time to dive deep into a favorite novel or read about some celebrity gossip!

Headphones: not only a carry-on essential, but a travel essential in general! Who doesn’t need music?

Toothbrush/Toothpaste: just in case.

Sketchbook: I like to carry sketchbooks around with me everywhere so I can document my travels via drawings.

Lotion: nobody likes dry hands.

Hand Sanitizer: you never know where you’ll need some extra sanitation!

Wallet: I mean…

Warm Jacket & Pants: no matter where you are going, you must always carry a jacket with you–it can double as a blanket on the plane!

Camera: the trip begins them moment you leave your house to the airport, so document every moment!


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