Swimming with Dolphins

While in the Caribbean, there are many great aquatic activities to enjoy! Among them is the exciting “swimming with dolphins” excursion, accessible on many different islands.

My family and I decided to go while in Grand Cayman, and it was definitely worth the price!

After disembarking the cruise ship, we were bused about half an hour to the Discovery Dolphin Cove. We were split into groups of about 10 people each, all paired with a dolphin and a trainer. Our dolphin was named Sally.

We put on our wetsuits and life jackets and hopped into the water, which was really the edge of the island sectioned off with floats. Soon, we were swimming across the water, awaiting Sally to meet us. She swam up underneath us, we held on to her flippers, and off we went! Repeating this a few times, it was truly a unique experience, spending time with the dolphins. We were able to take pictures with Sally, kissing her, dancing with her, and just posing with her for fun!

The whole excursion was about 3 hours long, but it was definitely worth it. 10/10


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