Castaway Key, Bahamas: Disney’s private island!

One guaranteed stop on every Caribbean Disney cruise is Castaway Key, Disney’s very own and very private island. It is basically the island version of Disneyland, an extension of the ship!

There are kayak, paddle board, tubing, and other rentals available that can be charged right to your state room. My family tried paddle boarding along the cove!

There are three beaches, two for families and one reserved only for adults—how relaxing! There is an excellent restaurant area where families can enjoy fresh BBQ grilled right there! Of course, there are shops selling all kids of Disney merchandise, and bars as well.

Although there is only a certain part of the island developed for guests, one special place overseeing it all is the hike up to the watch tower. It is about a mile walk around the loop, with the tower at the center. Some choose to rent bikes, others can enjoy a nice hike.

The ship is docked right along the island.

One of 3 beaches, this particular beach includes water slides and other fun water playgrounds for all!
View from the Watch Tower.

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