Weather Alert!!

It’s 2 weeks before a week-long vacation. Time to start packing!

But where should you start???


The weather is the most important factor in deciding what to pack. Make sure to start checking two weeks in advance to properly prepare when packing, and also to just know what to expect!

There are really just three types of destinations: extreme weather and four seasons, mild weather and two seasons, and extreme weather with one season.

The East Coast (and pretty much most of Northern United States and Canada) is an example of extreme weather with four distinct seasons, as it has a pretty rough winter but very warm summer. Plan for heavy jackets and lots of layers for the cold. A couple extra tank tops or long-sleeved tees can go a long way under those large, marshmallow-like jackets! In the summer, it can be mild to sticky hot, so prepare to bust out those shorts and tanks for a sunny trip, but be cautious of the time of year. It can still be cool during May or June, allowing the heat to stay through August!
The West Coast is a bit different, as the weather is more mild but still distinguishable between warm and cool temperatures. Washington and Oregon weather is a bit more like the east coast, which will need heavier clothing in the winter. However, specifically in California, or Southern California (Disneyland?!?), it never gets under 60°F in the winter, so light jackets and sweatshirts can probably get you through the whole trip. T-shirts can almost be worn year-round. The summertime is the best time, as one can wear shorts and t-shirts and tanks and bathing suits everywhere you go, and you will truly dress like a “Californian!”

Places like Hawaii and the Carribbean are different, usually having no other season but summer, which is why it makes for such an excellent winter vacation! Plan for shorts and t-shirts, but bring light jackets for the night time in case the weather gets a bit chillier. 99.9% of the time it will be hot. On the other extreme, places like Alaska or Iceland are pretty much cold year-round, so sweatshirts and heavy jackets would be a must at any given time! Bathing suits could probably only be worn to the jacuzzi…

Regardless of the destination, always remember to pack in layers. That way, you will be prepared for any weather change throughout the day!


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