Preparing for a Spring Break trip

My spring break begins on Friday, the Friday before Easter, and that leaves me with not much time to prepare. Luckily, all of my family contributes to trip preparations, so no single person is burdened with all the work (my mother does the most, I suppose). Regardless, there is always a plethora of things to do before leaving, so make sure to give yourself ample time to complete all of the following, and more! Here are some important things to do (besides the obvious) before leaving on a one-week vacation:

  1. Do your research : Familiarize yourself with your destination. Learn the culture. Prepare yourself for what is to come. Check the maps. Find the nearest restaurants, convenience stores, and health services. Find out about popular tourist destinations and tours. Trip Advisor is a great source of traveler reviews, and provides a good directory of places for any trip!
  2. Plan your week : Lay out your schedule. Make a week-long plan for each day to make sure nothing is missed! Leave a window for everything you do, including mealtimes and rest times. Just don’t forget to put the fun stop such as sight-seeing, tours, and, of course, shopping!
  3. Check the weather : This is essential when it comes to planning. What kind of clothes you pack in your suitcase (shorts and tank tops vs. a big winter jacket?) can easily be determined by simply checking the weather. This also affects the types of activities you plan to take part in, as well as any additional accessories you would need to bring (umbrellas?).
  4. Update your music library : I like to associate each trip wi different music. So whatever new music you have, make sure to download everything to your phone before you leave so you definitely have a new selection of music during your trip!
  5. Remember to relax! : Planning a vacation is definitely stressful, especially for people who might wait until the last minute. But at the end of the day, you are going away for an enjoyable trip, so just don’t forget to smile and relax! 

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