New Orleans Day 1! 

March 27, 2016
For Spring Break of 2016, my family and I decided to travel to New Orleans for a week.

Day 1 is never as exciting as what’s to come, but it is certainly a start!

Our flight was at 2:25 pm, so we needed to arrive at the airport around noon. We took Southwest Airlines for the first time in a while, and the check-in was surprisingly quick. Even though we, as a family, were able to surpass most of the security line, our wait ended up being the same as the others due to the slow lines. We arrived exceptionally early, so we waited at the gate for two hours before boarding. Although I complained, my mother said told me that we would have to wait either way, “either at home or at the airport, and I’d rather wait here at the airport in case we need to go through any additional security due to recent activity in Brussels.”

Our bad luck seated us right between two families with screaming children, so the flight was rather unpleasant. Still, I enjoyed the snacks provided by Southwest, one of the only airlines that still gives complimentary food to their guests. There were pretzels and peanuts, as well as another snack mix with crackers. The three hour flight passed quickly.

Soon after our arrival, we took a taxi ($15 per peroson) to our hotel, where we ate dinner at the club lounge. Although dinner ended at 8:30 and it was already 9ish, the staff at the lounge was kind enough to prepare some spaghetti and meatballs for us to eat. The view on the 42nd floor allowed us to see shining lights of the city, as well as the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Today was a short day, but I am excited for what’s to come in the next few days. Unfortunately, it will be raining for a few couple days, but hopefully that won’t inhibit us too much!


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