Tips & Tricks

Packing, especially last minute, can be extremely stressful. Therefore, throughout the years, I have developed some specific tips and tricks to ensure that I remember to travel smart!

  1. Start early. NEVER wait until the night before to pack your bags, especially for a long trip. Starting early not only relieves stress, but also allows you to plan and buy any additional items you need.
  2. Make paper check lists. Electronic ones never work as well. It may seem cliché, but physically writing down everything you need, and checking each item off, will definitely help you remember everything. Writing it down will seem more formal, thus a list will gladly remind you to bring all the essentials–and more.
  3. Do head to toe checks. Before zipping up that luggage for the last time, make sure you have everything you need for each of your body parts. This includes your face (lotion, makeup, face masks, face wash, etc.), neck (jewelry!), and armpits (deodorant?).
  4. Pack lightly. This one is also over-stated, but so true. I speak from experience that it is never easy to pack only a few outfits (wearing the same outfit again? Yikes!). However, packing lightly does not mean minimizing the number of super cute outfits! Bring items that can be mixed-and-matched, so every outfit is still unique.
  5. Stick to 3 pairs of shoes. And I mean only three. For a tropical trip, flip flops, a nice pair of sandals, and wedges are all you need. For the winter? Pack those boots, walking shoes, and flats. Generic colors are all you need to make those outfits pop! Save the space in your luggage to bring back souvenirs. Wear a pair on the plane!
  6. Roll, don’t fold. Rolling clothes saves a ton of space, and prevents wrinkles in your clothes. Make sure to place each item snugly next to the other to take advantage of all that extra luggage space you never really used!
  7. Stuff every nook and corner. Use socks to fill in those empty spaces; it doubles as a cushion for fragile objects! Have a place for everything, and remember the placement so you can get to things more easily.
  8. Put important things at the top. Personal items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste should be placed toward the top of the luggage for easy access. Any important documents should be placed either in a safe pocket or near you at all times. Also, place the zipper of your luggage on the top so you can easily take things out or put things in.
  9. Place heavy items at the bottom. You will be rolling your luggage, and gravity is always in the works, so heavier items such as jeans and shoes should be placed toward the wheels of your luggage so they don’t crush the more fragile items! This also helps keep your luggage balanced and not overwhelmed with disorganized packing!
  10. Always weigh your bags before leaving. The standard checked baggage weight limit is 50 lbs. If necessary, spread the weight between bags. It is extremely embarrassing to have to take things out when you get to the airport and find out you have too much stuff!

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